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Equipping with sensors
    Equipping the analyzer "Ecotest-VA" with the stationary electrochemical sensors "EM-04" и "AKV-07" enables to perform the stripping voltammetry according to:
  • Russian National standards GOST R 51301 и GOST R 51823 and other
  • analytical procedures, developed by Econix-Expert Ltd, "NPFK Aquilon" Ltd, "NTF Volta" Ltd etc.
The object of analysis The analyte
Cd  Pb  Cu  Zn  Hg  As  Sn  Se  Ag  Sb  Ni  Co  Fe  Tl  Mn  Bi  Cr  SO2 
  • drink
  • mineral
  • natural, sea, waste
Food products and raw materials                       
Soft drinks                          
Long drinks                       
Agricultural products and raw materials                       
Soil, ground, sediments       

The set of the analytical procedures is selected by the customer. We recommend to use the advices of our crew when ordering the equipment.

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