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Electrochemical sensors
The stationary electrochemical sensor  EM-04

The stationary electrochemical sensor "EM-04"

    The stationary electrochemical sensors "EM-04" and "AKV-07" with the rotating disc electrode are characterized as follows:
  • microprocessor-stabilized and finely ajustible rate of rotation of the disc electrode
  • complete compatibility with the analyzer "Ecotest-VA"
  • the possibility to be equipped with carbon-cytallic, gold (to determine Hg, As and Te) and platinum disc electrodes
  • a wide range of the analytes: Zn, Cd, Pb, Cu, As, Hg, Ni, Bi etc
  • the hydrodynamic conditions in them allow to perform the analysis of samples for the contents of heavy metals, arsenic, mercury, nickel, bismuth etc in a wide range of objects in the laboratory conditions during the minimal time with the maximal comfort for the operator
The stationary electrochemical sensor AKV-07

The stationary electrochemical sensor "AKV-07"

The analyzer "Ecotest-VA" with the stationary electrochemical sensors provides the possibility to determuine Zn, Cd, Pb, Cu in the food products according to Russian National Standard GOST R 51301-99; and Zn, Cd, Pb, Cu, As, Hg, Fe, sulfur dioxide in the alcohol-containing drinks and in the raw materials for their production according to Russian National Standard GOST R 51823-2001 (act from 01.01.03).
The shipping kits of "Ecotest-VA" with rotating-disc electrode stands -04 or -07 provide the possibility to measure zink, cadmium, lead and copper and also nickel,cobalt and bismuth with the following characteristics.

The technical and metrological data of the stationary electrochemical sensors
Main characteristics  -07  -04 
working electrodes  glass-cytallic, gold for g, As 
diameter of the working surface, mm  3 mm 
range of the measured values concentrations of Cd+2, mcg/dm3  from 1 to 1000  from 0,5 to 500 
rotation rate, r/min   up to 1500  1000 
measurement time, min.  from 3 depending on concentration 
the volume of the sample, ml  20-25 
size, mm  370270235  150200150 
netto mass, kg, not more 

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