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Starting from the January of 2004 Econix-Expert Ltd provides the free upgrade of the instruments of "EXPERT-001" series models 4(0.1), 4(0.4) to make them compatible with the Clark-type sensors

Oxygen sensor The type of the sensor Particulars of use

With the sensitive side surface

Modified nickel fiber Modified nickel fiber is deactivated after one year of use. The sensor is not fit for operaqting after that.
No maintenance is needed during the first year of operating.


Metal disk electrode on the top of the sensor The sensor keeps working before it is mechanically destroyed.
Needs to be periodically refilled with 0,1 molar potassium chloride (the method of preparation is enclosed) and change the gas-permeable membrane.

    Some charachteristics of the Clark-type sensor:

  • Clark-type sensor is compatible with the standard vessel for BOD measurement
  • time, needed for the readings to be established:
  • the reading of oxygen concentration, not more than 120 s
  • the reading of temperature - not more than 720 s
  • can be operated with the biochemical or microbiological cells, where the measured value is the decrease of oxygen concentration with the resolution time 1 s
  • has the same calibrating techique and the metrological oxygen sensors of the old type

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