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The analyzers of nitrate and nitrite "Mikon-2"

The analyte The objects of analysis
Nitrate vegetables (potatoes, cabbages etc.)
juice (potatoes, cabbages, свекла, cucumbers etc.)
fruit juice according to Russian National Standard (GOST) 29270-95, and other.
plant корма (dry, juicy)
soils and greenhouse ground
Nitrite Brines, mixtures for salination butchery products

The set Mikon-2 The shipping kit
The main unit of "Expert-001" The work electrode Auxillary electrode Laboratory stand The stirrer
Nitrate  ELITE-021  ESR 10101   
Nitrite  ELITE-071  EVL-1M3.1 
Nitrate + Nitrite   ELITE-021and -071  ESR 10101 and EVL-1M3.1 

    The official documents, which are the base for the analytical procedures, performed by the set MIKON-2 (nitrite, nitrate):
  1. Russian National Standard (GOST) 27753.0-88-27752.12-88 Greenhouse ground. The methods of determination of the basic agrochemical parameters.
  2. Russian National Standard (GOST) 27753.7-88 Greenhouse ground. The methods of determination of the nitrate nitrogen.
  3. Russian National Standard (GOST) 26951-86 Soils. Determination of nitrate with the potentiometric method.
  4. Russian National Standard (GOST) 29270-95 The products of the processing of the fruits and vegetables. The methods of determination of nitrate.
  5. Russian National Standard (GOST) 50465-93 Determination of nitrate in кормах and plant products.
  6. Russian National Standard (GOST) 13496.19-93 Plant. The methods of determination of nitrate.
  7. Methodical Instructions for the determination of nitrate in plant products № 5048-89, approved by the Health Ministry of the USSR, 1989.
  8. The method of determination of nitrite in butchery products and also in brines and mixtures for salination by the potentiometric method with the use of the nitrite-selective electrode. "ELITE-071" Certificate opf the Russian National Standard Commitee 001-101-00 dated 13.09.00).

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