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The set  MIKON-2

The set "MIKON-2"

The joint project of "NICO-Analyte Ltd"
and "Econix-Expert Ltd"

"MIKON-2" - are professional sets to determine by the potentiometric method the mass concentrations of nitrite, nitrate, fluoride, potassium, chlorideÓ in different objects according to the Russian National Standards (GOST) and officially certified and properly checked analytical procedures. The sets are performed on the basis of the analyzer "Expert-001" (certified in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan).

The microprocessor-driven analyzer "Expert-001-3(0.1)"* included into the set "Mikon-2" with the special software "Mikon", the ion selective electrode "ELITE", properly performed methodical and practical instruction considerably simplified the process of the measurement, which is thus turned into a number of convenient procedures.

*Both portable and bench-top models are available.

    The advantages of the sets "Mikon-2":
  • convenient technology of operating
  • automatic calculations
  • the result is instantly presented on the display in the standard units according to the conventional procedures (Russian National Standard (GOST), methodical instructions, analytical procedures)
  • flexible shipping kit
  • the analyzer "Expert-001-3(0.1)" can be also used separetely as the pH/Ion-meter

We offer also special sets for the analysis of the plant products, juice, butchery products, soils, greenhouse ground and drink water.

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