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Research and development enterprise Econix-Expert Ltd was founded in the April of 2000 by leading scientists and engineers of "Econix Ltd".
The main goal of our company is the development and production of electrochemical and optical instruments for certification of products, analytical and laboratory measurements, research and practical training of students.
The instruments are supplied by procedures of measurements, developed or tested for every instrument.

Our main principle is "High quality of the instruments produced + personal high-quality approach to every customer".

We offer free training of the personnel to use our instruments, free upgrading of the instruments and its software during the guarantee period, free consulting.

We enjoy and feel responsibility establishing the partnership with other companies, i.e. other manufacturers and our dealers, deliberately looking for economically and psychologically acceptable conditions.
We are open for partnership. Our team includes talented and highly-qualified chemists, physicists and engineers.

Please find below the catalogue of our main products, manufactured by our company at present.
All the instruments, presented are already certified in Russia and legally accepted by National Standard Committee.
We would be pleased, if our instruments help you to solve your problems and achieve some extra success.

General Director of "Econix-Expert Ltd"
Dr.Sci. Nikolay K. Zaytsev

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