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In order to make the system more portable we aimed at the development of the microelectrodes-based procedures, because there is no need of stirrers or rotating disks in this case, because the shape of the analytical signal is not so dependent on hydrodynamics in the case of the microelectrodes.
The application of microelectrodes provides the possibility to go without the differential-pulse mode in the wide range of concentrations. The current, flowing through the microelectrode, is very small and would not polarize the reference electrode so one can work with the 2-electrode scheme using the ordinary silver-chloride electrode as the reference and the auxillary electrode simultaneously. The capacity of the spherical capacitor formed by microelectrode per unit area is much less, than the capacity of the normal electrode, which enable to use the fast scan for up-to-date pulse analytical procedures.
The use of microelectrodes provides also the possibility to work without supporting electrolytes, using the own electric conductivity of the solution, including organic solvents. The volume of the investigated sample ranges from 1-2 ml. We offer to you the single- and multi-wire glass-carbon microelectrodes for the measurement of the heavy metals in water and in the aqueous solutions.

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