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Developed according to the order of "ECROS Inc"
The registration number in the National standard Commitee of Russia №24170-02

Coulometric analytical Karl Fischer titrators "Expert-007" aim at the quantitative measurement of the water content in liquids, solids and gases, according to Russian National Standard (GOST) 24614-81 and its extensions.
Karl Fischer titrator  Expert-007

Karl Fischer titrator "Expert-007"

    The shipping kit:
  • the main unit of "Expert-007"
  • coulometric analytical cell
  • the set of electrodes
  • magnetic stirrer
  • accessories
  • instruction manual
    The objects of analysis:
  • oil products
  • crude oil
  • natural gas
  • solvents for organic synthesis
  • special oil for power transformers
  • detergents
  • sugar and other
    Fields of application:
  • agrochemical, ecological, chemical technological
  • analytical laboratories of industrial enterprises, research enterprises
  • official laboratories and certification of products
Operating of the instrument

The principle of the operating:

The operating of the instrument is based on the Karl Fischer reaction, that is the interaction of sulfur dioxide with elementary iodine which occures only in the presence of water in the presence of water in the Karl Fischer reagent (for example, it can be the mixture of the methyl alcohol with pyridine).
The reaction consumes water. The elementary iodine is generated by the electrode and consumed by the reaction until all the is consumed by the reaction.water. Ther excess of iodine is detected by the cell and the titration is stopped.
The total charge, needed to generate the iodine is proportional to the contents of water in the sample inserted into the electrochemical cell.

The basic operating mode:

Galvanostatic with the automatic reduction of the titration current when close to the end of the titration and the automatic account of the "drift", which occurs due to the leaks of water from occasional sources.

The principle of the detection of the equivalency point:

The main mode is the bipotentiometric the polarisation resistance of two platinum contacts of the indicator electrode block immersed into the solution.
The end point of the titration is registered as the drop of the polarisation resistance due to the appearence of the exess of iodine.
The advantages of the titrator "Expert-007"
  • titrator automatically:
  • acquires the initial state ready for the insertion of the sample
  • recognizes the moment of the insertion of the sample
  • stirs the tested sample during the selected period of time
  • starts the titrating
  • indicates the result in the convenient units
  • up-to-date electronic components
  • powerful processor
  • the possibility to use different electrochemical coulometric cells depending upon the type of the analyzed object
  • simple and convenient output of the data to PC with RS 232, software included
  • titration to the given titration point or the analysis of the whole titration curve
  • the possibility to save the results of the measurements into the memory of the instrument with the information about the time of the measurement
  • the software of the instrument provides the statistical processing of the results of up 10 measurements
The technical data
The parameter adjustment mode:
  • the adjustment of the instrument for the given object of the analysis
  • the possibility to use all types of the Karl Fischer reagents, including ones without pyridine
Display LCD with bright illumination
The maximal output voltage, V 24
The duration of the continious work not less than 20 hours
Size of the main unit, mm 220 210 70

The metrological data
The ranges of the titrating current: 50 mA and 5 mA
The ranges of the titrating of water 100 mg and 10 mg
The corrected standard deviation ± 2%

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