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The registration number in the National standard Commitee of Russia №23192-02
The coulometric analytical set provides the possibility to determine the mass concentration of the sulfur dioxide in wine, juice and the raw materials for their production. The electrochemical registrations allows to manage both colorless and colored samples according to Russian National Standard (GOST) R 51655-2000. The coulometric analytical set is performed on the basis of the main unit of "Expert-006".
The set  Expert-006-sulfite

The set "Expert-006-sulfite"

    The shipping kit:

  • the main unit of "Expert-006"
  • the coulometric cell
  • the set of electrodes
  • magnetic stirrer
  • software
  • instruction manual

    The metrological data

  • the limits of the allowed standard deviation of the main unit 2%
  • precision and reproducibility according to Russian National Standard (GOST) R 51655-2000
    The advantages of the set:
  • a special user-friendly software
  • small amounts of the sample needed
  • no need to use starch, as the color indicator
  • the duration of the analysis 5-7 min
  • the potentiometric detection of the equivalency point
  • up-to-date electronic components
  • powerful processor
  • bright graphic LCD
  • the possibility to work and plot the graphs without a computer
  • the possibility to save the results of the measurements into the memory of the instrument with the information about the time of the measurement
  • interchangeble cells
  • simple and convenient output of the data to PC with RS 232
  • the mass of the analyzer not more than 0,95 kg

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