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The registration number in the National standard Commitee of Russia №23192-02
The model, described in the given paragraph is a multi-purpose high-precision coulometric analyzer for a wide range of analytical tasks to measure the total amount of the wanted substances contained in the solutiobn in the form of ions, coordination compounds, neutral molecules and other electroactive compounds.
The coulometric analyzer  Expert-006

The coulometric analyzer

    The shipping kit:
  • the main unit of "Expert-006"
  • the electrochemical cell
  • the generator electrode
  • the indicator electrode
  • the magnetic stirrer
  • the power supply unit
  • the cable to PC
  • software
  • instruction manual
The advantages of the coulometric analyzer "Expert-006"
  • up-to-date electronic components
  • powerful processor
  • the possibility to use different electrochemical coulometric cells
  • simple and convenient output of the data to PC with RS 232
  • software included
  • the possibility to work and plot the graphs without a computer
  • titration to the given titration point or the analysis of the whole titration curve
  • the possibility to save the results of the measurements into the memory of the instrument with the information about the time of the measurement
the technical data
The modes of operation
  • galvanostatic with the automatic reduction of the titration current when close to the end of the titration
  • automatic with the account of the drift
indication of the end of the titration
  • potentiometric
  • optical (the change of the colour)
  • conductivity
  • polarisation resitance
Display LCD with bright illumination
Power consume not more than 6 Wt
Power supply with the adapter from net 220 V/50 Hz
The mass of the main unit, not more 0.95 kg
The time to establish the operating mode not more than 20 min
The duration of the continious work not less than 20 hours
Size of the main unit, mm 220 210 70

The metrological data
The limits of the allowed standard deviation of the main unit ± 0,2%
The limits of the allowed standard deviation of the analyzer with the combination pH-electrode indicator electrode  ±2,0%;
The limits of the allowed standard deviation of the analyzer with the change of the temperature of the ambient air for every 10 0C respectively (20 1) 0C  ± 0,05%
In order to determine the mass concentration of the sulfur dioxide in wine, juice and the raw materials for their production, a special kit called "Expert-006-sulfite" according to Russian National Standard (GOST) R 51655-2000.

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