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For the laboratory and industrial monitoring of the rate pf the corrosion and for the general testing of the efectivity of the anti-corrosion
    The automatically determined parameters:
  • the indice of the general corrosion and of the pitting
  • the potential of the corrosion of metals, alloys and covers in liquid media
  • the parameters of the etching processes
  • the protective properties of the anodic, chromate and other conversion-made covers
  • energy plants, community enterpeises, oil/gas, chemical, metallurgical, machine- and instrument-building, food industry
  • research and education
    The shipping kit:
  • the main unit of "Expert-004"
  • the standard 2 and 3-electrode sensors (1 pc each type)
  • connection cables
  • the net adapter
  • certified analytical procedure
  • instruction manual
The corrosion meter
The corrosion meter "Expert- 004" with the standard 2 and 3-electrode sensors

The multi-channel model of the corrosion meter is also available.
The offered sensors are adjusted to the particular conditions of the operation of the instrument.

The advantages of the corrosion meter "Expert- 004"
  • high sensitivity
  • wide range of the measurement
  • small size of the instrument
  • combined power supply (from accu battery 12V or from the 220V/50-60 Hz net (with the net adapter) provides the convenient operation in the laboratory, industrial and field conditions
  • bright illumination of the LCD
  • the possibility to test ready products, including large-size details
  • the combination of several approaches to main corrosion parameters in one instrument
  • the possibility to use the correction coefficiencies and the squares of the samples
  • the conduction of both constant or periodical testing. The possibility to process the data on a PC. Easy and convenient transfer of data into PC if wanted.
The technical data
Range of measurement of the indice of the general corrosion and of the pitting corrosion 0,01-60000 µm/year
The duration of the measurement, min 1-57600
(selected by the operator)
Duration of the continious work not less than 8 hours
The time of the establishement of the working mode not more, than 5 min
Working range of temperature:
- the sensor
- the main unit

-5+150 0
050 0C
Operating modes 2- and 3-electrode
The type of display of the main unit LCD
Size of the main unit, mm, not more 2001060

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