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Registration number in the National standard Commitees of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kasachstan 23460-02
Recommended additionally for use in electroenergetics.
The certificate of "ES" 163-SKI-2002
The "EXPERT-002" series is a model series of portable conductivity /total dissolved salts (TDS) meters with different ranges of the specific conductivity measurement.
The conductivity meter EXPERT-002 with the batch-type sensor

The conductivity meter "EXPERT-002" with the batch-type sensor

    Measured parameters:
  • temperature (t oC)
  • Specific electric conductivity (SEC)
    Calculated parameters:
  • specific conductivity, re-calculated to 25 0C
  • total dissolved salts (TDS) re-calculated to NaCl or other arbitary salt
  • the ISO procedure for re-calculating available
  • secific resistance
Immersible sensors for the conductivity meters Expert-002

Immersible sensors for the conductivity meters "Expert-002"

    The objects of analysis:
  • drink, surface, waste water
  • aqueous solution of samples of plant, food, soil matter etc.
    Main consumers:
  • official, research and industrial ecological and analytical laboratories
  • laboratories for students
  • agrochemical laboratories
Details of operating the conductivity meters "Expert-002"
  • digital with two lines (162) with a bright illumination of the indicator field
    Selection of the measurement range:
  • automatic and manual
    Presentation of the results of the measurement:
  • SEC (corrected SEC) - Sm/cm, mSm/cm;
  • TDS g/l, mg/l;
  • specific resistance - Ohm, kOhm, MOhm;
  • temperature - 0C.
    The user's interface
  • the possibility to work without PC+ interface RS232C for connection with PC
  • software included
  • simultaneous indication of the conductivity, (or specific conductivity, or TDS) temperature
  • user-friendly menu
    Temperature correction
  • automatic and manual
  • the range of the automatic temperature correction
  • from 0 to +50 0C
    The calculation of the total dissolved salt contents (TDS)
  • the list of saltsfor calculating TDS in the memory of the instrument (NaCl, KCl, CaCl2, KNO3)
  • the possibility to insert the tables for TDS calculatig for up to 2 new salts, selected by the user
    Temperature for correction of conductivity
  • the standard + the possibility to be adjusted by user
  • shipped calibrated ready for use.
  • re-calibrated using standard solutions before high-responsibility measurements
  • using standard resistors
    The type of the conductivity sensor
  • conductivity /temperture combination SEC/T- 4-electrode batch or immersible contact sensor.
  • the composition of the electrodes - the stainless steel or graphite
  • the "plug and play" system: the cell of the constant and the calibration of the temperature sensor are stored in a chip in the plug of the cell. So when you change the cell, the instrument recognizes the calibrations and is ready for use with another cell without re-calibrating.
    Power supply
  • autonomic from built-in lead battery or from external source DC 12V
  • the duration of the work, provided by completely charged battery not less than 50 hours
    The memory chip built-in into the conductivity /temperature sensor
  • energy-independent
  • contains the cell constant and the calibration of the temperature sensor
    Metrological data
  • the standard deviation of the specific conductivity measurement 2% from the upper limit of the current range
  • the standard deviation of the temperature measurement: 0,50
  • 20011060 mm
    The mass
  • 0,95 kg
The technical and metrological data of the most popular models of conductivity meters
Measured parameter of the range the range of the specific electric conductivity (SEC) measured Resolution Model of the instrument
1-3n 2-6n 5-7n 1-7n 2-6p 1-3p
SEC 1 from 0,001 to 1,999 0,001 +     +   +
µSm/cm 2 from 0,01 to 19,99 20,01  + +   + + +
3 from 0,1 to 199,9 0,1 + +   + + +
4 from 1 to 1999 1   +   + +  
µSm/cm 5 from 0,01 to 19,99 0,01   + + + +  
6 from 0,1 to 199,9 0,1   + + + +  
7 from 1 to 1999 1     + +    
Temperature, 0C from +5 to +55   0,1  + + + + + +
Number of sensors in the shipping kit, pcs 2 1 2 3 1 1

(+) - officially teste range in the given model
n - with the fill-in cell
p - with the immersible conductivity/temperature sensor

The immersible conductivity/temperature sensor can be used for conductivity titrations.

    The shipping kit:
  • The main unit of "Expert-002"
  • conductivity sensor
  • the wire for calibrating
  • net adapter
  • instruction manual

Conductivity meters "Expert-002-2-6-n" - sales hit of 2003

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