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On the basis of the main unit of EXPERT-001
The registration number in the National standard Commitees of Russia and Ukraine 21068
The instrument aims at the express-measurement (2-8 min) of the mass concentration of oxygen, consumed during the chemical oxidation of the sample (COD) according to the standard procedure accepted in ecology PNDF 14.1:2.19-95.
The principle of the method of the COD measurement is the bichromate oxidation with the direct potentiometry.
    The objects of analysis:
  • drinking, natural, sea and waste water
  • the extracts of soils and bottom sediments
  • the extracts of microbiological, physiological and other media
The set  Expert-001-COD

The set "Expert-001-COD"

    The shipping kit:
  • the main unit of "Expert-001-1(0.1)"
  • reasction cell, performed of the thermostable glass
  • indicator electrode with a copper contact
  • reference electrode
  • the heater for the reaction mixture
  • reverce cooler
  • the power supply unit for the heater
  • magnetic stirrer
  • laboratory stand
  • the instruction for the analytical procedure, the operator manual
  • software
  • chemicals (to be ordered separately)
    Particulars of use:
  • express-measurement with a high precision of results
  • more ergonomic than other models
  • there is a possibility to estimate the part of substances with a different ability to get oxidized
  • the possibility to be used as a high-precision pH/ion-meter when equipped with the ion selective electrodes

The technical and metrological data
Range of the measured values of COD , mg/dm3 5-1500
The standard deviation of COD measurement, % 3-12
Duration of the analysis of the easily oxidized substances, minutes 2-5
The power supply, V:
from the built-in power supply lead accumulator 12 V for models or from the industrial net using the net adapter
The power supply of the heater is performed from the industrial net 220 , 50 Hz
Operatine conditions:
temperature, 0 5-35
pressure, tor 730 - 790
relative humidity at 25 0, % to 80

Analyzer "Expert-001-COD" will play two roles in your laboratory: the COD analyzer and a high precision pH/ion-meter.

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