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The registration number in the National standard Commitees of Russia and Ukraine 21068

"Expert-001" series are 5 models of the microprocessor-driven pH/ion-meters with different allowed standard deviation and range of E.M.F. measurement, different variety of main and additional functions.

    The following models are offered for your attention:
  • high-precision / routine
  • with a single ionometric input / with 4 inputs
  • benchtop / portable
  • measurment of the activity and concentrations of ions
  • measurement of the redox-potential (Eh)
  • temperature measurements
    The objects of the analyses:
  • drinking, natural, sea and waste water
  • aqueous solutions of samples of plants, food, soils etc.
    Fields of application:
  • agrochemical, ecological, chemical technological analytical laboratories of industrial enterprises, research enterprises
  • administration and certification of products
  • students laboratories and others
Advantages of pH/ion-meters of "Expert-001" series

The outlook of the instrument:
to the left: portable mod, to the right: benchtop model

    Technical advantages:
  • low input current (1-2 pA), which is especially important for the use with pH, sodium and fluoride-selective electrodes
  • low noise level due to the built-in powerful accumulator battery and the use of the digital noise filter
  • special ideology of the built-in battery maintenance
  • wide range of models: single-channel and multichannel, high precision and standard ones
  • high resolution LCD including graphic type
  • calibrating the instrument by from 2 to 5 calibrating points
  • smooth nonlinear calibrating curve between points
  • free selection of the isopotential point when working with the automatic thermocompensation
  • saving of the calibrating plots for 32 ions
  • constants for 32 stored in the memory of the instrument
  • automatic calculation of concentration in mg/l, pX, mole/l
  • the possibility to connect an external multichannel commutation unit
  • the possibility to measure ion concentrations, COD and BOD using one instrument
    Advantages when operated:
  • user-friendly control interface
  • a powerful built-in lead accu battery (no need co change batteries)
  • the level of the electric noise is 20 times lower, as compared with the majority of other instruments (with the net power supply)
  • stability against vibrations
  • automatic and manual thermocompensation
  • power supply of the magnetic stirrer from the instrument in the field conditions
  • quick, easy and convenient connecting to PC (the software and the cable included)
  • the use as a high-inpedance millivoltmeter for potentiometric titrations, the measurements with the method of standard additions, COD measurements etc. according to respective analytical procedures
  • benchtop and portable versions, the possibility of application in the laboratory and in the field, convenient to be operated under the elevator
  • 24 months of guarantee
Expert-001-3(0.1) - sales hit of the last several years!

"Expert-001-3(0.1)" - sales hit of the last several years!

The portable version of the instrument proved useful both in the laboratory and field conditions.
The benchtop version is an up-to-date pH/ion-meter in the analytical laboratories and to train the students.
This model provides the possibility of the simultaneous indication of the readings of up to 4 ion selective electrodes.
Such a possibility saves time to wait until the reading of easch electrode is stabilized. When connected to PC the instrument outputs four graphs to the display simultaneously. It is perfect for everyday numerous ion analyses.
Expert-001-3(0.4) -  the universal instrument for numerous analyses

"Expert-001-3(0.4)" - the universal instrument for numerous analyses

The models "Expert-001-1(1.1)" and "Expert-001-1(0.1)" were independently tested in the Center of Photochemistry of the Russian National Academy of Science (the reference are available).
The models "Expert-001-1(1.1)" and "Expert-001-1(0.1)" meet the demands for the instruments for the official testing of the pH and ion selective electrodes.

pH/Ion-meters for standard measurements with extra functions

Technical dataExpert-001-3(0.1)Expert-001-3(0.4)
Number of input channels 1 4
LCD type digital digital or graphic
Range (1 14) + +
Range (-2 +20) + +
Accuracy 0,02 (pH) + +
Range (-3200 +3200) mV + +
Accuracy 1,5 mV + +
Range (-5 +150) 0 + +
Accuracy 0,50 + +
Thermocompensation + +
Accu/net power supply + +
Power supply for magnetic stirre + +
Netto mass, kg, not more 0,95 0,95
Size, mm 60 x 200 x 110 60 x 200 x 110

High-precision instruments for , , mV in expanded range

Technical data Expert-001-1(1) Expert-001-1(0.1)
Number of input channels 1 1
LCD type digital digital
Range (1 14) + +
Range (-2 +20) + +
Accuracy 0,02 (pH) + +
Range (-3200 +3200) mV + +
Accuracy 1,5 mV + +
Range (-5 +150) 0 + +
Accuracy 0,50 + +
Thermocompensation + +
Accu/net power supply + +
Power supply for magnetic stirre + +
Netto mass, kg, not more 0,40 0,95
Size, mm 55 x 185 x 95 60 x 200 x 110

(+) -present in the given model, (-) - absent in the given model

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