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Registration number in the National standard Commitees of Russia, Ukraine, and Kasachstan 16997
Recommended additionally for use in electroenergetics.
The certificate of "ES" 162-SKI-2002
Multifunctional electrochemical complex suitable to varied electroanalytical measurements
The analyzer "Ecotest-VA" aims at the measurements of the low concentrations (down to 10-10 mole per liter or 0.1 ppb) of heavy metals and other microelements as iodie, selenium, arsenic etc in very different objects.

The analyzer consists of the modern microprocessor-driven instrument "Ecotest-VA" and electrochemical cell.
The set for the measurements of the heavy metals in the laboratory and field conditions

The set for the measurements of the heavy metals in the laboratory and field conditions

    Fields of application:
  • agrochemical, ecological, chemical technological
  • analytical laboratories of industrial enterprises, research enterprises (including electro[plating, electronics, powder technologies, ceramics etc)
  • official laboratories and certification of products
  • students laboratories
    The objects of analysis:
  • natural water, waste water
  • food products, soft and long drinks
  • soil, food and food raw materials
  • cosmetics, pharmacevtics, biological objects
Determined components:
Zn, Cd, Pb, Cu, Hg, As, Se, Sn, Bi, Mn, Co, Fe, Ni, Mo, Cr (III), Cr(VI), methyl alcohol, iodine, acetaldehyde, formaldehyde, phenol and its derivatives, other organic and inorganic substances.
    Ecotest-VA" needs the following hard and soft to be operated:
  • processor Intel 80486DX or higher
  • operational system MS-Windows 95 or higher
  • VGA-compatible monitor with the resolution of the display at least 800600
  • 1,5 MByte of memory on your hard disk to install the programme
The detection limits for some analytes without the pre-concentrating of the samples*:
Cd, Pb 0,1 µg/dm3
Zn 10 µg/dm3
Se 0,5 µg/dm3
Cu µ0,5 g/dm3
Iodide-ion 2 µg/dm3

* the application of the robotic complex "EXPERTISE-VA-2D" with the "3 in 1" electrode considerably improves the detection limit

The technical and metrological data of the analyzer "Ecotest-VA"
Operating modes DC, AC, stripping voltammetry, catalytic voltammetry
Polarizing voltage from -2 V to +1,6 V
Scan rate from 10-3 to 103 V/s
The range of current measurement 0,2 µA; 2 µA; 20 µA; 200 µA; 2
The time to establish the working mode, not more 5 min
The time of constant operating, not less 8 hours
Netto mass, kg, not more 0,4 kg
size, not more 120 180 60 mm
Operative advantages of the analyzer "Ecotest-VA"
    The advantages of the analytical complexes based on the analyzer Ecotest-VA as compared with atomic absorption and other spectral instruments:
  • the possibility to determine simultaneously several elements (zinc, cadmium, lead, copper) from one single sample in a single experiment
  • high sensitivity (for example for Cd and Pb down to 0,1ppb or even less)
  • the automatic mode of the performance of the measurements and calculations
  • low cost of the single determination
  • low cost of the equipment and the maintenance of the equipment
  • the kit to measure the heavy metals - EURO 1560
  • the kit to measure iodine - EURO 1680
  • the kit to measure the heavy metals and iodine - EURO 1800
  • no need of an over-qualified operator
  • no need of compressed gases or hydrogen generators
  • simple maintenance: the routine measurements of the heavy metals and iodine can be studied under supervision of our consultants during 2 working days

"Ecotest-VA" is a real alternative method to AAS and ICP when measuring low concentrations of the heavy metals selenium, arsenic and iodine

The certification of analytical procedures:
    National Standards of Russia, procedures, officially certified by Russian National Bureau of Standards, procedures, officially certified by Russian Sanitary Committee:
  • The procedure to measure the contents of iodine in food products and food raw materials (completely without mercury or mercury salts) certified in 2001, allowed for application by the Health Ministry in 2003.
  • The analytical procedure to measure the methyl alcohol and diethyleneglycol in the waste water of the gas industry were certified in 2001.
  • The analytical procedure to measure selenium in drink water, mineral water, soft drinks was certified in 2005 as the National Standard of Russia. Practically one can readily see selenium in any sea water!
  • The analytical procedures to measure Cu, Cd, Zn, Pb, Mn, Bi. Ni, Co in different types of water, soils, food products and the air of the working zone were certified in 2004.
  • One can easily adjust the system for analytical procedures of other companies or from literature, because the system is flexible.
Operative advantages of the analyzer "Ecotest-VA" as compared with the similar instruments

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