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The combination electrode "3 in 1"
3 in 1 electrode
    Advantages of the "3 in 1" electrode:
  • completely substitudes for the 3-electrode cell
  • provides more stable conditions for the measurement
  • the range of stable determination of Cd2+ and Pb2+ from 0,1 ppb
  • the standard deviation not worse than 10%
  • is perfect for the sea and salinated water
3 in 1 electrode  the sight from the top
The principle of the "Virtual mercury electrode":
The coplanary performance of the three electrodes in the single body allows to transfer the electrode from one solution to another one without of the breaking the electrochemical circuit due to the residual droplet of liquid on the top of the electrode, which hangs due to the forces of the surface tension.
This simple trick leads to important scientisic and technological advantages.
One can hold over the accumulated by electroplating metals, including the mercury film by the applied potential while changing the solution. The use of the pre-electroplated mercury film provides the possibility to create a "virtual mercury electrode" and transfer to the solid-state electrodes all the rich variety of polarographic analytical procedures.

The electrode "3 in 1" - based analytical procedures
The analytes The objects of the analysis
Se, from 0,5 ppb water, food products and raw materials, soils and biologically-active additives.
Ni, Co sea water
Cd, Pb drinks: wine, juice
physiological liquids: whole blood, urine, etc.
Pb gasoline (without preliminary mineralization of the sample

"3 in 1" electrode is included also into the robotized complex "Expertise-VA-2D" with the sample changer

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