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Operative advantages of the analyzer "Ecotest-VA" as compared with the similar instruments

Registration number in the National standard Commitees of Russia, Ukraine, and Kasachstan 16997
Recommended additionally for use in electroenergetics.
The certificate of "ES" 162-SKI-2002
    Technical and methodical:
  • The shipping kit can be adjusted according to the goals of the customer and equipped with different electrode systems rotating disc electrodes, wide range of the solid working electrodes for mercuryless polarography, electrodes for polarography with small amounts of mercury, glass-carbon microelectrode etc.
  • The instrument can use the power supply DC 12 V, so it can be operated in the field conditions when used with a notebook including the automatic or robotic experiment.
  • Wide range of the rates of the potential scanning.
  • No need of liquid mercury.
  • The work according to pre-saved analytical procedures and the quantitative data processing in the automatic mode.
  • The possibility of programming of the analyzer to carry out up to 100 measurements with different parameters.
  • Highly-qualified methodical support and training of your personnel, the permanent extending the list of the developed analytical procedures according to the wishes of the customers.
  • The possibility to install the program from the floppy disk, from CD or from Internet (free working program, not demo-version).
    Economical advantages:
  • The flexibility. Due to compatibility with different electrodes, electrochemical cells, computers and notebooks the analyzer Ecotest-VA provides the possibility to perform a highly adaptive configuration with different electrochemical cells for laboratory and field conditions.
  • Low cost of the equipment and maintenance.
  • The robotic complex Expertise-VA-2D (see below) substitutes for 2-3 operators.
    Different additional modes of operating
  • It is possibile to measure the plot of the current through the working electrode versus the reference electrode as a function of time with the fixed potential of the working electrode. It enables to switch it at 2-electrode scheme to amperometric sensors, including Clark electrodes to measure dissolved oxygen in aqueous solutions or the cell for the residual active chlorine in water.

The Analyzer "Ecotest-VA" is successfully operated in more than 200 laboratories of Russia, Ukraine, Kazachstan, Italy, France and other countries

12 respectful laboratories took part in the interlaboratory pilot test Q-13 conducted by the Great Britain (the Spring of 2002).
The solutions imitating the product of the acidic mineralization of food samples were sent in two bulbs to the participants. Russian National Metrological Center VNIIFTRI determined cadmium and copper during one working day. All results fit the required intervals.
The main method of other laboratories was ICP-MS with the isotope dilution, which required expensive equipment and up to 2 months for one measurement.

The standard deviation obtained with our instrument was not worse, than in other laboratories.

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